Hello everyone!

I’m so glad that you have found your way here. Some of you may have come from my portfolio — if so, welcome to the new space! For those of you who may be new to #MGR — welcome as well! I am always so excited to e-meet new friends here and talk about what we all love most: books!

So just a bit about me: after being laid off for the second time in six months in December 2018, I decided to focus and write about something I adored and #MGR was born. At first it was a casual blog on my online portfolio where I wrote reviews of the books I devoured to help drive traffic to it. Less than a year later, my website had grown in viewership by over 500% and I decided to focus on my blog in a more professional manner.

Which leads us to this new beauty of a space.

Here we will continue to discuss lovely YA books — especially, but not limited to, fantasy, historical fiction, and historical fantasy books. I adore input from readers of both books and this blog so please feel free to comment and discuss on here as well!

As you may see, there are a number of book reviews I’ve pulled from my old site and many are left there as well. As I fully transition to the new site, you may see some posts leading to this one from the old one.

Altogether, I am truly excited to expand this journey with #MGR and I cannot wait to see where are another year and more will lead me on this blogging journey.

As always, thanks for stopping by — and welcome once again!

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